Collaborative partners

We work together with National Committee 4 and 5 May for our regular National Commemoration. In addition, we encourage cooperation with partners through our meetings that we hold with Dutch East Indies Memorial Organizations and with 50 affiliated organizations.

We are active in a so-called Round Table with our sister organizations at Sophiahof, where we work towards coordination and cooperation of joint programming at Museum Sophiahof. We also participate in, for example, the social sounding board group of the NIOD/NIMH/KITLV research.


On April 6, 2018, retired captain-at-sea Frank Marcus (Stichting National Remembrance 15 August 1945) and Major General Gijs van Keulen (Ministry of Defence) signed a letter of intent for 5 years of personnel and material support to the foundation. The support of the Ministry of Defence is of great importance to the annual National Commemoration. The standard guard of the Van Heutsz Regiment, the Royal Military Band Johan Willem Friso, personnel of the staff company of the Airmobile Brigade and the National Reserve, all contribute.

Other parties

In addition to the efforts of many individual volunteers, the Sea Cadet Corps and the Free-spirited Christian Lyceum (VCL) also make an important contribution to the realization of the commemoration. The commemoration is also supported by the staff of the Airmobile Brigade staff company.

National Commemoration on the Dam on 4 May