On August 15th 1945 the Second World War officially ended for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Every year on this date, we commemorate at the Indies Monument in The Hague all victims of the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies and its direct consequences.

Order a Melati

The Melati, the Indies jasmine, is a symbol of remembrance worn on 15 August as a sign of respect, commitment and compassion.  The Melati is available as a lapel pin or a magnetic lapel pin.

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Commemoration 2018

The Foundation Board can look back on a very memorable National 15 August 1945 Commemoration. We would like to extend our sincere thanks via this page to all those who contributed to the realisation of this day!

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Other ceremonies

On 15 August, elsewhere in our country and abroad other commemorations and the laying of wreaths also took place. In subsequent weeks, various commemorations were held at the monuments on the Bronbeek Estate in Arnhem.

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The 15 August 1945 Commemoration is supported financially by around 1,600 donors.  The contributions are used towards the organisation of a dignified commemoration every year on 15 August.

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Flag protocol

In honour of the official end of the Second World War, the general flag protocol set out by the Prime Minister permits an official addition to the flags flown on government buildings on 15 August.

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Each year, we invite different people, young and old, to share whom they remember and why. Do you have a story you would like to share? Share on social media whom you commemorate and why via #ikherdenk #15augustus #degeestoverwint | Video Ambassadeur Sandra Reemer (1950 – 2017 )

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Indies Monument

The Indies monument on Teldersweg in The Hague was unveiled in 1988 by HM Queen Beatrix. The monument commemorates the victims of the war which the Netherlands fought from 1941 to 1945 against Japan in the former Dutch Indies (nowadays Indonesia).

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Our partners

The commemoration of the end of the Second World War in South-East Asia takes place annually under the auspices of the Board of the 15 August 1945 National Commemoration Foundation. Professional staff of the National 4 and 5 May Committee and the Indies Remembrance Centre support the Board in organising this.

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