On August 15th 1945 the Second World War officially ended for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Every year on this date, we commemorate at the Indies Monument in The Hague all victims of the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies and its direct consequences.

Story of the Melati

The Melati, the Indies jasmine, is a symbol of remembrance worn on 15 August as a sign of respect, commitment and compassion.  The Melati is available as a lapel pin or a magnetic lapel pin.

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15 August 1945 marked the official end of the Second World War for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. While The Netherlands was liberated om 5 May, the Dutch Indies were still occupied.

Why remember?

Traces abroad

Traces of the Japanese occupation in the Dutch East Indies can still be found outside the Netherlands, such as war cemeteries in Asia and Australia. Find all memorials at the Remembrance section.



The 15 August 1945 Commemoration is supported financially by around 2,100 donors and has an ANBI status. The contributions are used towards the organisation of a dignified commemoration every year on 15 August.

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