Other commemorations

Other commemorations

Annually on 15 August the national commemoration takes place at the Indies Monument in the Hague. Commemorations elsewhere in our country and abroad are also held on the same day or on other dates.


Bronbeek in Arnhem houses many Indies monuments, where numerous commemorations also take place.

23 August 2018  Japanese Youth Camps


25 August 2018  Birma Siam & Pakan Baroe Railways


26 August 2018  Japanese Women’s Camps


8 September 2018  Japanese Sea Transport


27 September 2018  Papuan fighters

Commemoration at Bronbeek

Bronbeek offers the opportunity for remembrance and commemoration of the victims, and their descendants, of the conflict in South-East Asia in the Second World War and in the Bersiap period. Thousands of survivors and next-of-kin join commemorations at the monuments on the estate.